Steamed Fish Curry


Mok Pla Krai menu, particularly steamed fish curry. In spite of being bought all over, however the style isn’t very tasty. Who desires to take a look at to make it on your own? provides one way for making steamed fish curry recipe from Khun sandy_sine, a member of web page. Take the whole thing down and mix till clean, then stuff the shrimp. Completed after which steamed till cooked Crowned with coconut milk and purple chili, sliced ​​kaffir lime leaves

Elements: steamed fish full of shrimp

  • 300 grams of fish fillet
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon palm sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp purple curry paste
  • 20 grams Krachai
  • 2 tablespoons fish sauce
  • 250 ml coconut milk
  • 5-10 shrimps (or no matter quantity you prefer)
  • 20 grams basil
  • White cabbage, blanched 40 g
  • Chopped purple chili
  • Kaffir lime leaves
  • Elements: coconut milk crowned with steamed curry paste.
  • 100 ml coconut milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch

make steamed fish

  1. Make a Krathong with steamed buns by means of slicing banana leaves into 2 circles and splice them in combination. Pleat and magazine or use a wood skewer on all 4 corners to trim the way over the krathong out to be stunning.
  2. Put fish krai, rooster eggs, palm sugar, purple curry paste, ginger ale, fish sauce and coconut milk in a blender bowl and mix totally.
  3. Convey the white cabbage or basil to the ground of the krathong.
  4. Upload about 1/2 a part of the cooked steamed buns, then upload recent shrimp. After all, put the beef wrapped round it once more.
  5. Warmth the water to boil over medium warmth. Put the steamed steamed buns for 15-20 mins or till cooked.
  6. Make coconut milk crowned with steamed steamed buns by means of blending coconut milk, salt and cornstarch in combination and stir neatly. Microwave for 1-2 mins or till the dough is cooked and thick.

Crowned with coconut milk at the cooked steamed steamed buns. And enhance with sliced ​​purple chilies and sliced ​​kaffir lime leaves In a position to serve

Be aware:

Minced greens, steamed muffled, will also be modified in step with your style. If any individual has yor leaves, they are able to be blanched first after which secondary.
Each and every curry paste isn’t the similar, you’ll be able to cut back or upload fish sauce.
A krathong who has a skewer can use a skewer.
Who does not devour shrimp?

How is it? It isn’t tough, proper? It is vitally simple for the steamed fish curry with shrimp, proper? I am hoping it’ll be helpful to everybody. If there are any errors, I express regret.

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