Crimson Eye Chili Paste


Ta Dang Chili Dip was once to start with a standard meals within the North, referred to as “Ta Daeng Chili Paste” or “Crimson Chili Paste”. The primary elements are dried chilies, fermented fish, peas, dried fish (some recipes aren’t well liked by rotten peas and dried fish) and later carried out in step with the days. Subsequently, the elements were changed till there are quite a lot of forms of chili paste provide.

For any individual who’s bored of consuming chili paste with boiled greens, fried fish or omelette, attempt to make fried rice with shrimp paste. Fried Rice with Chili Paste and Salted Fish Stir-fried Sataw with Chili Paste and Contemporary Shrimp Or stir-fried beef with crimson eye chili paste is scrumptious.

Elements for crimson eye chili paste

  • Dried chili
  • garlic
  • Crimson onion
  • shrimp paste
  • Tamarind, chopped
  • Palm sugar
  • fish sauce

The right way to make crimson eye chili paste

  1. Put dried chilies, shallots, garlic and shrimp paste into the roast or roast till aromatic. Scoop up and put aside
  2. Pound the dried chilies till overwhelmed. Adopted by means of garlic and shallots, pound till superb, upload shrimp paste and pound till mix.
  3. Season with tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce till blended, serve or stir fry with oil in a wok. Use low warmth to stir till aromatic.
    Sneaking to take a look at the pantry, I do know that I’m able to make crimson eye chili paste. For my part, lazy to stir fry with oil, I want to prepare it freshly pounded from mortar. For every other meal, I stuck them and made highly spiced fried rice with meat and protein.
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